The Declercqs' Holiday Adventure 2014

In the interest of not spamming Facebook with holiday photos, I put together this little blog. I'll still post to FB occasionally, but most of the gallery images will go here. Thanks for checking in on us! ~Mercer

Days 19 and 20: Tuscany and Redemption

We found a campground! We actually found a campground! On Day 19, we left France behind and began our trip into Italy. Originally, we had planned a day in Nice, but that day now belonged to the hospital and we were eager to put some distance between us and the site of Campbell’s accident. We flew through Provence. Monaco was… Read more →

Day 18: Ferjus-Saint Raphael

Campbell gave us another heart attack just after sunrise on December 15, 2014. He fell running around our campsite and got a “splinter” in his hand. When Marc went to remove it, he found it was actually a dried palm spine that had gone straight through his hand. We quickly loaded up the van and used the TomTom to find… Read more →

Day 17: Saint Tropez

We should have never left the mountains of Catalonia and beautiful Romanya de la Selva. That’s not entirely true. I think we’d done all we could really do there and much awaited us in the south of France and Italy. Unfortunately, Day 17 was another painful travel day. Saint Tropez is a bustling and posh, but not for us. Not… Read more →

Day 16: Romanyá de la Selva

We founds this place via the happenstance and serendipity of travel. The visitor center in Durango gave us some English language programs for travel in Basque country (and really great birding guides, as well). In one was the description of a local “dolmen” – an ancient rock structure, ala Stonehenge, but smaller. We were already pointed the other direction and not… Read more →