Day 16: Romanyá de la Selva

We founds this place via the happenstance and serendipity of travel. The visitor center in Durango gave us some English language programs for travel in Basque country (and really great birding guides, as well). In one was the description of a local “dolmen” – an ancient rock structure, ala Stonehenge, but smaller. We were already pointed the other direction and not… Read more →

Day 15: Bilbao

Bilbao is a big crazy city and also the site of the most attempts on our lives by our GPS system, TomTom Tim. I’m sure there are all sorts of wonderful things to see there, but I had only one goal – visit the Guggenheim. Our trip to Bilbao began on Day 15 in the nearby city of Durango. Friends… Read more →

Day 14: Lekeitio

Better luck did find us on Day 14, but not in the form of a camping site. After leaving Saintes (thank you, sweet city, for the unmolested sleeping spot!), we continued to head south. Originally we had thought we’d spend a couple days on the islands around Bordeaux, but after the day we’d had before, we decided to go ahead… Read more →