Day 15: Bilbao

Bilbao is a big crazy city and also the site of the most attempts on our lives by our GPS system, TomTom Tim. I’m sure there are all sorts of wonderful things to see there, but I had only one goal – visit the Guggenheim.

Our trip to Bilbao began on Day 15 in the nearby city of Durango. Friends had informed us that there was a wonderful visitor center and park there that could help us orchestrate our day in Bilbao. They were right. Durango was charming.


The first thing we noticed when we were walking the streets was how narrowly we’d escaped a wet evening the night before. Apparently the tourism lady in Lekeitio was not lying about those record waves.

10346606_10205349136984383_8253110157686361574_n 10848051_10205349135904356_8603228587532954657_nThe visitor center in Durango did help us arrange a hotel in Bilbao, but they didn’t exactly warn us what we were getting into. Bilbao is a mystery to the TomTom, apparently. TomTom Tim tried to send us up and down a dozen one-way streets and was even instructing us to drive walking streets. It was a nightmare. After a long afternoon, we finally found our parking place (attended by an elderly Spanish lady who was overly concerned with Campbell’s only child status) and our hotel. We napped and then Marc and Campbell walked me to the Guggenheim.

1908473_10205350696223363_331306689226418543_n 10355022_10205350693983307_7350889290973715877_n 10615980_10205350692463269_714623226214616743_n

I went in alone. It’s not Campbell’s nature to be quiet and respectful, sadly. No photos were allowed inside, but I did sneak a picture inside the massive Richard Serra installation because I was the only person around and, well, who was going to stop me. Listen to how my footsteps echoed as I walked through…

This install was by far the highly of my visit. It marks a true moment of epiphany for me on this trip.

Wish my boys had been with me. Next time.