Day 17: Saint Tropez

We should have never left the mountains of Catalonia and beautiful Romanya de la Selva.

That’s not entirely true. I think we’d done all we could really do there and much awaited us in the south of France and Italy.

Unfortunately, Day 17 was another painful travel day. Saint Tropez is a bustling and posh, but not for us. Not a single campsite was open along the coast and there was virtually no wild camping spots – signs readily posted up and down the highway to ward off gypsies like us. There was another adventurous ride through the mountains near Grimauld that spiked our adrenaline, but not much else to report. We finally settled into a campground that Sunday night, a shady place but with electricity and bathrooms. We were thankful for it, though tired. And grumpy. Everyone went to bed in a bad mood that night.

The next day, we’d be reminded to be a bit more thankful.