Day 18: Ferjus-Saint Raphael

Campbell gave us another heart attack just after sunrise on December 15, 2014. He fell running around our campsite and got a “splinter” in his hand. When Marc went to remove it, he found it was actually a dried palm spine that had gone straight through his hand. We quickly loaded up the van and used the TomTom to find the nearest hospital. Almost 9 hours later, we were released, Campbell having undergone his very first surgery. A long, painful day (in more ways than one) that reminded us what mattered most on this trip – that we were all together.


I cannot say enough good things about this tiny hospital and the staff. Marc speaks good French, but navigating medical care in a foreign language is daunting. They were patient and kind. Most of all, they took great care of our Doodle and he healed up quickly. Thank you, Ferjus-Saint Raphael!