Days 19 and 20: Tuscany and Redemption

We found a campground! We actually found a campground!

On Day 19, we left France behind and began our trip into Italy. Originally, we had planned a day in Nice, but that day now belonged to the hospital and we were eager to put some distance between us and the site of Campbell’s accident. We flew through Provence. Monaco was blur below from the window. We waved at Cannes as we drove by and greeted Italy and its many tunnels with joy.

The moment you enter Italy, everything changes. For Marc, France is more comfortable because he speaks the language and understands the culture. For me, Italy is the home I’ve never known. I don’t have any Italian, of course. Nor does Marc. We struggled through communication with his French and my Spanish and the Google Translator app.

It was after dark when we found our campground in Montagnana and took a bit of try to find our host. But once we did, we were greeted with kindness and almost immediately invited to try a bit of their own organic wine. Followed by pizza, of course!