Event Production

I have been in events production in some capacity for almost twenty years. Some of my first major events were corporate retreats for the Texas Society of Association Executives back in the late 90s. In 2003, I helped found 512 Magazine which held monthly events around Austin and also hosted a wildly popular launch party. Some of my more recent event work can be seen on the graph to the right. I am also including videos below that feature events I helped produced.

The first is the trailer for the 2015 Big Bend Brewing Company Valentine’s Day in Valentine, Texas party. I produced this event in 2013 (this year without electricity, running over SIX generators) and in 2014.

Next up is a recap of the MonDragon-George wedding in Marfa Texas in 2013. This was a 200-attendee wedding held at a ranch not officially equipped for events and a 20 minute drive from the nearest town. It went off without a hitch. Look for me on at 1:17 – “The Planner.”

It’s important I point out that I had absolutely nothing to do with the production of these videos. That is left to those with a far different talent set than my own.

I work best behind the scenes. I love a long-haul weekend where all the thorough planning pays off. I pride myself on keeping my cool and delegating responsibilities so that everyone has a job and no one feels overwhelmed.

In truth, I find event work to be taxing and so I only work a couple events a year. If you have an even you’d like to discuss with me, drop me at line at mercer@mercerblack.com. I must admit, however, that I am not likely to take on anymore weddings. I love brides and I love romance, but I much prefer swirling concert madness. I could be persuaded, however. Don’t hesitate to ask. Worst thing I’ll say is “no, thank you.” 😉